Sunday, December 2, 2018

Peak Season Temp Job 2018

I've been working for two months, and have been so busy that I haven't had time for blogging about it, or have just been too depressed when I did have the time and didn't feel up to it. I guess I'll just call this job, "Peak Job 2018".

I wasn't sure what to think of this place during my first week. I didn't have a badge to clock in and out with until after I got off work that Thursday, and I wasn't even for sure what my department or boss was, whether I really worked for Picking/Packing or Quality. This place isn't air conditioned, and it was hot those first two days, and for my first two and a half days I felt like I was in Hell. There was also a lot of information to process. I didn't think I'd get comfortable with it, but I eventually did. One thing I wasn't prepared for after being out of work for a couple of months were the nine to ten-hour days, and coming in on weekends when we (or at least I) weren't even needed, especially since they involved getting there at 6:00am, which was two hours earlier than a regular scheduled day, or an hour earlier than an overtime day. My normal schedule was supposed to be 8:00am to 4:30pm, but our ten-hour schedule was 7:00am to 5:30pm, though most days we left at 4:30. Most annoying were the Halloween weekend and the weekend of my birthday, which I don't even feel like typing out about. Long story short, I spent most of 4:00pm Saturday afternoon to 4:00am Sunday morning in bed, only to leave work after thirty minutes on Sunday because the Picking line was completely down, and they didn't need me. I missed out on seeing The Psychedelic Furs that Saturday night because of this!

They were originally going to have us work twelve-hour days from November 21st (the day before Thanksgiving) to December 5th, but thankfully that got downgraded somewhat. I only worked five and a half hours that Wednesday. I was hoping Thanksgiving would be that slow, but it wasn't. We got to leave at 5:00, but that was still nine and a half hours, too long for a Thanksgiving if you ask me. We only worked until 5:00 on Black Friday and Saturday, and left at noon on that Sunday. We worked eleven hours on Cyber Monday and Tuesday, but things really slowed down on Wednesday, and I finally got to work regular eight hour days on Thursday and Friday. And as far as I know, I wasn't supposed to work this weekend, because nobody told me we were working, but nobody told me that we weren't working, either. There's still a little over three weeks until Christmas, so there's still time for things to pick back up.

I wouldn't mind getting hired on after Christmas, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings too much if they didn't keep me, either. I just know that I really want to do something different this time next year, hopefully something that won't have me working on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Legend of the Rent

Well, this week was fucking annoying. I was determined to get help for rent without bugging my dad, since he said he wasn't going to help with the rent anymore. It didn't occur to me until this past Sunday to look up "rent assistance". I found a city-run place called the Neighborhood Place. I had a job interview on Monday morning, then went to the Neighborhood Place that serves my area. One of their criteria was that you had to work 250 hours in the previous four months, which for me was June, July, August, and September. If it had included May, I might have qualified, but I fell short. While the woman I talked to was sympathetic to my medical issues, being out of work for medical reasons didn't even matter. She referred me to a ministry that does rent assistance, Ministries United of South Central Louisville (MUSCL), that could possibly help me because of my medical issues. They were only open from 9am until noon Monday through Thursday, and their voice mail said that they would only reply to messages left during that time. I called probably fifteen to twenty times each of the next three days, and all but one of those times I got a busy signal. The one time it rang, which was 9:06am on Thursday morning, it just kept ringing, and I probably gave up around the ninth or tenth ring. I got the impression that they weren't really that busy, more like they must have kept the phone off the hook. I did end up finding another local ministry that might help with rent, but they wouldn't be able to help until the following week, which would've been too late.

I got my unemployment check directly deposited on Thursday, which was just under $300, but it was enough to mean that I only needed $200 more to get the rent and water paid. My roommate's dad , gave us the $200. My mom gave me some additional money for groceries and my psychiatrist appointment.

All this shit reminds me of the "Legend of the Rent" song that Jack Black's character in "School Of Rock" came up with. The next time I need rent assistance, I'll try to do it well before the rent is due, instead of cutting it so close.

I didn't get the job that I interviewed for on Monday, but I did get an assignment at another place starting this Monday, and it actually sounds better than the job I interviewed for. I could've started on Wednesday, if it weren't for having to run around looking for rent assistance.

So, I mentioned having a psychiatrist visit on Tuesday. I've been taking twenty milligrams of Trintellix for the past few months. I couldn't afford to get it at a pharmacy, so I've been living on samples. Everything sucks so bad these days that the twenty milligrams of Trintellix isn't helping. I'm going to try to see about getting on a cheaper medication.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cruel September

I never did hear from my temp agency, nor did I hear from the other place I applied for. I filed for unemployment a week and a half ago, and afterward applied for a temp agency that had an interesting sounding job. I got to interview for the temp agency a couple of days later. I then was supposed to get an interview with the client. I was hoping that would be this week, but the client was busy this week, so I get to interview this coming Monday morning. My rent is due next week, so talk about nerve racking. Since I'm supposed to apply for at least one job every week that I'm on unemployment, I decided this week to apply for an evening grocery job, since I'm probably gonna need a side hustle even if I get the job I applied for last week. My car is entirely too old to be doing driving for a job like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, or whatever. I can barely handle working one job, but I'd rather work two jobs than move back in with my shithead dad. I have fun plans for today, but I also have dread gnawing at the back of my brain about how I'm going to get rent money before the end of next week without bringing my dad into it, especially since he said he wasn't going to help me with the rent anymore.

I still haven't gotten started on IT certification. My brothers sent me a link to my local community college's Computer and Information Technology program. They seem to think I should go for a degree, but I still think a certification is the way to go, especially since from what I've read so far, the degrees are more for people who eventually want to get into management, which I have no interest in.

I got a "hospital income" check last week, it was only about half of what I was hoping for, $500 instead of $1000. I decided to say "Fuck it" and went and saw Gary Numan anyway, because when is he ever gonna play Louisville again? The Louder Than Life festival was cancelled due to the ground being in bad shape because of a shit ton of rain over the past week. I really feel bad for everyone involved, but at the same time I at least get to feel like I'm not missing out on something.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Cruel summer

I finally got the stone removed on August 20th, and stayed at the hospital overnight. The drain was removed the following morning. Good riddance.

I can't remember if I mentioned it in a previous entry, but I texted my boss at the place I was working at a couple of days after I got out of the hospital in July, and she said I couldn't come back until the restrictions had been lifted. I kept her up to date on my progress. Then it ended up being another month before the stone was removed. I texted her a couple of days after I got out of the hospital in August, and she said I needed to report to my temp agency because my spot had been taken, due to the amount of time I had been gone. I decided to take the whole two weeks before Labor Day off not just so my back and kidney could heal up, but because I also ended up with a bad case of nausea a few days after I got out of the hospital, similar to the case of nausea I had at the end of June and almost all of July. Thankfully, it only lasted about five days this time.

I meant to call my temp agency the week of Labor Day to tell them I was available again, but had a hard time getting mentally prepared to do it. I finally called them the following Monday. They haven't had anything for me, even after applying for a job through them. I put in an application on Thursday for a totally different place.

You know, if it hadn't been for all this kidney bullshit, I probably would've been hired on at the warehouse I was working at by now.

My dad, the evil asshole, wants me to take advantage of the government. I'm under the impression that he thinks it's easier to do than it actually is. Aside from applying for food stamps, I don't even know where to start. Some people seem to have a talent for "gaming the system", but I'm not one of them. I guess I could try applying for Unemployment, though I'm hoping to get working again before I could even get my first check from it.

In other news, my deadbeat roommate has an appointment with Vocational Rehab next week, so hopefully they can get her working soon. Looks like I'm still going to have to miss the Louder Than Life Festival and the Gary Numan concert though.

I'm looking into getting into the IT field. Seems like the best route to go for an absolute beginner like me is to get A+ certification, then go for a Cisco CCNA or CCNET certification.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Health Update, August 19th edition

I thought my stone was going to be removed on the 17th, but it turns out it was just an office visit. The doctor said it would probably be a couple of weeks before they could even do the procedure. I was raging because I had waited over two weeks for that appointment, after having to wait a week after I got out of the hospital for the previous appointment. Hell, my kidney was hurting again, and I wanted the stone and drain out NOW! My bitching paid off, because the doctor freed up some time on Monday for my procedure. He also prescribed me some antibiotics, which seems to have helped with the kidney hurting.

I do not have a conventional case of kidney stones. What the doctor thinks I have is a calyceal diverticulum. The procedure that will be performed is called percutaneous nephrolithotomy. One of the reasons I've been having to wait so long to get this stone out is because this is supposedly a rare condition, and this guy is the most experienced doctor in the area (or at least in this network that I know of) at this procedure.

I'm used to having my health insurance taken out of my check. I realized just over a week ago that since I haven't been working, or getting any kind of pay for that matter, that I've missed a couple of payments. Oopsie. I got a check from my insurance company a few days ago for one of my visits (I think), so I'll be able to make about two or three weeks worth of payments soon.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Life Update, August 4th 2018

I just gave some updates on my health. What else has been going on? I've done some working. Back in May, I was working what was supposed to be a four to six week assignment, but ended up only being two weeks due to low volume. I had to wait two weeks to work again. I didn't really get as many hours as I would've liked in June and July, mostly because of my illness, and I've been off since July 19th due to hospitalization and work restrictions.

On July 4th, I finally got fed up with my roommate not working, and typed up a two page letter telling her what her not working was doing to me, and that she had until the end of the month to get a job, or she would be taken off the lease (she's listed as an occupant) and would have to move out. The reason I typed up a letter instead of telling her verbally is that she has a way of shutting me down when I try to tell her she needs to get a job, usually by saying, "Geez, I get it!" But she really didn't get it, and expressing myself in text was the only way I was going to get through to her. I didn't anticipate feeling like shit the entire month, and extended her deadline to August 31st, since she has been of some help to me, and she seems to be trying to get her shit together. But I need her to find a job soon since I'm unable to work. It's been three years since she got evicted, this shit has gone on long enough.

One of those things that my roommate's not working has done to me is made my social life increasingly more non-existent. The only real "getting out" I do is going to the coffee shop and people watching. It's been a while since I've made any real plans to hang out with people. I need to work on that. It seems like I go out more to watch people have fun than to have fun myself.

There are a couple of good concerts going on in Louisville in late September, one being Gary Numan, the other being the Louder Than Life festival, which actually has a halfway decent lineup this year. My roommate better not cause me to have to miss either.

The last couple of times I've gone out to see indoor live music, I've felt really uncomfortable, mostly because the places were so crowded. One was a tiny club back in March, the other one was a 700-800 capacity venue. The latter was for one of my favorite local bands who hadn't played out in seven years, and I hadn't seen in eight. The place was packed, I couldn't get comfortable, and I ended up leaving about twenty minutes after the band started.

Health Update, August 4th Edition

I went to see my urologist this past weekend, and an appointment has been made to have the stone removed. It's not until August 17th, so it looks like I'll be dealing with this drain in my back for at least another two weeks. I haven't bothered to shower since Sunday, because I have to have help replacing the bandage and tape after every shower. I'm still keeping myself relatively clean though, so I'm not too stinky. It's probably a good thing I'm not able to work, because then I would have to shower every night.

On the upside, my appetite has finally returned, probably thanks to the antibiotic I took for the week after I was discharged from the hospital.

I'm trying to get short term disability. My forms are supposed to be filled out by myself, the physician, and my employer. I haven't faxed my form off yet because the other two parties seem to be doing their own thing. I'll probably go ahead and fax mine off on Monday.

I lost about twenty pounds or more this past month. I'm now around 255 pounds, probably the lightest I've been since 2000 or 2001. I'm not going to go into detail, but it has made, ummm, some things fun again. Let's hope I avoid gaining it all back.